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Enrollment/Withdrawal for Students

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Open Enrollment Information for the 2020-2021 School Year

Due to the restrictions of the Covid-19 crisis, we would like to complete as many new student enrollments as possible, electronically to avoid face to face contact. You can contact the school at 859-625-6109, to guide you in the proper procedure for enrolling your student. Our office staff will gather information so that our registrar may reach out to you for further assistance. 

As a reminder, guidance counselors are not available in person until school begins.

**If possible, please have enrollment form completed and have copies of birth certificate, Immunization certificate, and parent/guardian driver's license readily available as this will expedite the enrollment process. 

Welcome to Madison Central High School!
The following documents are necessary for student enrollment at MCHS
Madison County Schools Student Enrollment form

  • Photo ID (a copy of parent/guardian photo id will be placed in student cumulative folder)
  • Birth Certificate (certified copy, not hospital certificate)
  • Social Security Card (verification of card is required and the number is necessary to obtain KEES money and driver's license.)

Immunization Certificate: 

Proof of Immunization MUST be presented on the day of enrollment to enroll the student in school. If exempt for medical or religious purposes, documentation, signed by a physician or licensed healthcare provider,  must be presented. 

For the protection of the physical well-being and safety of your child(ren), the Kentucky Department of Education has set up enrollment requirements for attending a public school. These regulations REQUIRE that all children MUST have a current immunization certificate (902 KAR 2:060; KRS 158.035; KRS 214.034; 704 KAR 004:020), a preventative healthcare exam, vision and dental exam (702 KAR 1:160) on file in the student's educational folder.  (If the student is in need of immunizations, contact their pediatrician, or the Madison County Health Department at 859-623-7312.)

Physical: students are required to have a current physical on file to participate in interscholastic athletics.

Transcript/Withdrawal grades from the previous school
If enrolling from Home School - a list of courses taken and grades will be needed to determine class placement. Only grades from an accredited home school agency/curriculum will be accepted.

Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or 504 Plan (if applicable to the student, a copy of the IEP or 504 is needed upon enrollment to assure proper placement in classes)

If the student does not live with biological parents, court documents or notarized power of attorney form must be presented by the person acting as guardian for the student, along with picture ID.
Foster Care Placement letter (if applicable, a copy of the Foster Care Agency placement letter is required to enroll the student.)


Students must return all textbooks, library books, uniforms, and pay any overdue fees, if applicable.

A parent/guardian, with proper identification, can come to school and give notification of withdrawal of their student.
A withdrawal form will be printed and signed by the parent/guardian. This form will note where the student will be attending school and will be placed in the student's cumulative folder.
The student will not be officially withdrawn until a records request has been received from the new school. The student will continue to accrue absences until a request is received.